Sterling Silver Rollerball
Code: ROB-1318
Sterling Silver Fountain Pen
Code: PEN-1317

Philip Zepter’s Limited Edition Collection made exclusively by Montegrappa:
• Sterling Silver Capped Rollerball
• Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

This unique collection is exclusively created by Montegrappa, the oldest Italian pens and writing implements manufacturer. Montegrappa combines the most advanced technology with the taste of an older, gentler, more discriminating and refined era, when our relationships to things and people were based on appreciation of quality and when style was a reflection of self-expression.

The Philip Zepter Writing Instruments Limited Edition fountain pen and rollerball are the perfect blend of the finest materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques in the pen industry.
The shape of the pen’s barrel is the result of eight deep-drawing operations on a small silver disc that is heated and polished through all the different stages to achieve a famous brilliance. The unique decoration on the barrel is engraved in low relief, which is a very exclusive technique and has previously been used on some of the most prestigious limited and annual pen editions.
The exclusive nib is fashioned in 18ct gold with an iridium tip which is welded by hand, ground, polished and partly platinum plated before being assembled to a hand-turned ebonite feed. Only top-quality fountain pens are fitted with ebonite feeds. The nib unit is subjected to hours of testing before actually being fitted to the pen.
The band on the cap is engraved with the Philip Zepter logo. In addition, the “Z” from the Zepter logo, which has distinguished world-class products since 1986, appears in high relief on the button placed atop the cap.
The fine body of the pen is turned from rods of a special acrylic resin.
The comfortable grip will make writing with your Philip Zepter Writing Instruments Limited Edition pen a most pleasant experience. For your convenience, the rollerball pen is fitted with a large capacity ink reservoir.