Code: LS-193 / LS-190 



Code: LS-193


Code: LS-190

KING - The master of the table

Every important occasion, when is among gentlemen will conclude with a single malt sipped around the event of the world.
However, it is of the utmost importance the way the precious liquor is served, from the glasses in which is poured to the accompaniment of ice. Only in Zepter glasses can your favourite drink receive the appreciation that it truly deserves.

Composition of the set:

  • 6 double walled glasses

  • 6 saucers

  • 1 special ice bucket

  • 1 special ice tongs

  • 1 tray

For hot or cold drinks, King brings a regal sophistication to any occasion. For whisky or liquors, for Irish coffee, tea or sake, the special thermic cup of the King range keeps space between the outer layer and the inner surface meaning heat does not transfer from the hand to the drink; your hot drinks stay hot longer and your cold drinks stay cold.

Saucers are used so that the glasses may be set down in an elegant manner. They are designed so as to create a harmonious whole with the glasses, and it is important that they are easily separated from the glasses (they do not “stick” to them as sometimes occurs with other kinds of glasses).

The ice bucket in this set is a real pearl. Not only does it look superb, but it also has a special double vacuum wall allowing their users to bask in the taste of their drink and choose to use ice also long after the drink is served. Glasses can be placed on a beautiful, luxurious tray and brought before the guests, which will give a more festive air to the serving ritual.

We have two versions of the King set, to suit everyone’s taste. You can choose a set which corresponds to your personal taste:

  • Fine silver-plated

  • Polished stainless steel